peter skrabak

I was born in Slovakia and grew up in Prague, Czech Republic but back then they were both part of one country called Czechoslovakia. My aunt bought me my first guitar when I was 7 years old and at 10 I started taking classical guitar lessons. I was 14 when I picked up the bass guitar and got a gig in a band. The government of communist Czechoslovakia wasn’t very keen on rock music which they deemed a western decadence. The closest thing that they tolerated was jazz-rock which we embraced mainly because it had the word “rock” in it and besides it was fun to play. In those days a number of bands in Prague would copy anything that was put out by Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock or Miles Davis. One of the groups I worked with ended up getting a gig in Hamburg, West Germany and when the two week engagement was over I decided not to return to Czechoslovakia. I spent the next two years in Hamburg before emigrating to the USA. Since then I have lived and played music in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Hawaii and Nashville. I interrupted my Nashville residence and went back to Europe where I played for three years in the South of France with a stint in Prague. And just like every bona fide musician worth his salt I also write songs. Some years ago one of them became an international hit being played 20+ times a day on the radio, weeks on end to the point of "enough already" kind of a hit. It is called No Podras and as the name suggests it is in Spanish. I wrote the music and Alejandro Zepeda wrote the lyrics. The artist is Cristian Castro and this was his first hit that made him an instant star… In 2016 I won first place in the rhythm guitar category of Lee Ritenour's Six String Theory Competition with my arrangement and solo guitar performance of the Beatles’ Here, There and Everywhere and Elizete by Clare Fisher. You are welcome to check them both out on my home page.

I love the acoustic guitar, nylon string first and foremost. Its sound has always inspired me to play and write songs... The funny thing is that for years I was a professional bass player in bands, recording studios, clubs etc. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed playing the bass but the guitar has always been my first love especially as a solo instrument. It is an amazing self contained little orchestra that will forever challenge you...